About Thomas Foguenne

Thomas Foguenne is a Belgian composer and pianist.

He graduated in contemporary composition, piano, chamber music, harmony and music theory at Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Mons, in Belgium. He also studied orchestra conducting and electronic music.

Thomas has written music for short and feature films, dance performances, documentaries, experimental works and commercials. The films he scored have been screened at festivals around the world, including: Berlin Interfilm Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Fajr International Film Festival, Krakow Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Mecal International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan International Documentary Festival and Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival.

Thomas got nominated three times at the Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan) for the Best Sound Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and won the award in 2016 for “The Cat in the Closet” and in 2018 for “Thorns”. 


福多瑪 比利時人,比利時蒙斯皇家音樂學院畢業,主修鋼琴、和絃、室內樂,2005年取得作曲碩士學位,目前居住於台灣。 編寫配樂包含了歐洲和亞州的長片:TMD天堂、最後的詩句、濁流、兒子老子、衣櫃裡的貓;短片:帕敢青年、凡凡、划船;紀錄片:血琥珀、靈山;微電影以及廣告在內,目前已寫超過30支配樂。其中幾部片已於法國Clermont-Ferrand、瑞士Locarno、韓國釜山、台北電影節、金馬影展、中國FIRST影展、等影展播放。2016年製作的衣櫃裡的貓獲得金鐘獎的最佳音效獎,2017年製作的最後的詩句入圍金鐘獎的最佳音效獎。




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